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National Food Safety Training Program (NFSTP)

CRFA developed the National Food Safety Training Program in response to a growing demand for food safety training that meets the needs of foodservice operators from coast-to-coast.  Designed to train and certify quick-service, full-service, chain and independent operators and employees to a national standard of food safety, NFSTP was launched in 2004. NFSTP is now available across Canada through a network of certified trainers.

What food safety topics does NFSTP over?

Based on the content of CRFA's Food Safety Code of Practice, NFSTP is a comprehensive review of food safety issues and safe food handling practices, including: Food Safety Hazards (Parts I and II)  Facilities and Equipment Design  Control of Hazards Following the Flow of Food  Sanitation and Pest Control  Employee and Visitor Issues

Course outline includes:

- Food Safety Hazards         - Facility Design           - Control of Hazards        

- Equipment Maintenance   - Cleaning & Sanitation   - Pest Control          

- Illness, Injury & Hygiene  - Education &  Training   - Food Safety Programs

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