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The Green Man Leather Workshop

It is strong, it’s resilient, it lasts forever. The elements of rain, snow and ice cannot penetrate.

I started learning about leather during my time in a small town in the peak district of England. When it came to me that I needed to learn this ancient craft.

I started to leather craft to use my energies to focus and slow down and found I was able to remain focused for long periods of time. Leather crafting to me is my form of meditation. It slows down the world and I lose all sense of time as I concentrate on the piece I am creating at the moment. Time stands still while I am with this ancient cloth.

Throughout my life I was dissatisfied with the products available for my outdoors and natural lifestyle. I created leather items for my own use and enjoyment. The belt loop part of the wayfarer bag was designed because I as a man did not enjoy the restriction placed upon me by the normal shoulder straps of other bags. By mounting the bag from a belt at my waist and using softer yet durable leather, I was able to create a non-restricting yet fully functioning piece that became a part of me. It was always at the right length and nothing was out of my reach; however I was fully able to use my hands and arms and move my body and my pouch moved with me. I did not have to be careful unlike with a swinging bag at my shoulder.