Bio About The Green Man

Who is Stephen O’Ceallaigh? Stephen is professionally trained as a child and youth worker gaining employment experience in Ireland, England, Wales and Canada. Using leather working activities to engage clients was a great way to establish rapports. As Green Man Leather (GML) gained international clientele and recognition for its high quality products and "How to" workshops, it was agreed in 2012 that Stephen would operate GML full time.

In a local interview with Stephen, here were his thoughts: “I love leather working, it’s a real passion to artistically create for people. I have always been artistically inclined so when I started to working with leather, it was an instant match. All my machines and equipment are very old too, which honours this 5000 year old trade. I find this trade appeases the need to be a perfectionist".

What makes Green Man Leather unique? The use of non aerosol agents and eco friendly dyes. We also take a lot of pride in being colourful with our leather to create your custom product. Being an online business allows our out of time zone customers the flexibility to ring in when it suits them.

We, at GML, make unique products in the leather market. In the last 2 years, our Chas Clements sap designs and our own unique patterns have been remade by other people. My mentor told me "You know your work is exceptional when people copy your work". Yes the copies are cheaper but is the quality going to keep you safe? Is it field tested like all our saps? Is the thread uber sting and waxed like ours? This we tell all our customers: if the product does not have our logo stamped in it, then we didn’t make it. Our logo represents highly authentic Green Man Leather quality.

Operating from his home workshop, this allows Stephen to spend more time with his daughter sharing all his leather secrets!

Head Leather Worker Stephen O'Ceallaigh
and his new apprentice Scarlett