New Product! GEN2 DBL Lead Palm Sap

by Green Man

View the latest to the family of palm saps! The new GEN2 DBL Lead Palm sap weighs 13.5 ounces and covers the complete Palm. This is ideal for training and defence.

After extensive field use and testing it was noted the small top leather area just under your thumb showed signs of slight stretching thus making the sap less snug. By adding 1.5 thick industrial hook and loop with adhesive and sewn on, the user was the able to adjust as needed and with thin gloves be worn with the sap. If you wish the older style sewn strap closure you must indicate this in an email to me after you make your purchase. Otherwise hook and loop will be applied to ALL Steel and Lead palm Saps. Click Here to view more photos of the new GEN2 DBL Lead Palm sap!


While Supplies Last - Free Vintage Leather Upgrade!

by Green Man

While supplies last, we are offering free vintage leather upgrades on 5 saps. The Vintage leather is usually a $15 Premium Leather Upgrade! All you have to do is choose the Vintage leather option in the Colour drop down list and you're automatically upgraded for free.

Click the links below to order your new sap in the upgraded leather option:
Key Pal
Large Laxson
Small Laxson
Small Paddle Pal
Sap Sac


Ultimate Concealable Belt Loop Lead Tear Drop

by Green Man

I have had so many calls and emails about combining a belt loop handle to a lead tear drop base, asking for the ultimate concealable and easy to deploy weapon.

Here It Is!

Based on the Denver impact area, overall length is 9 inches when belt loop handle is closed. Available in 12-13 ounce or 16 ounce weight.

Same high quality 4 ply leather. Using only the strongest horse tack hardware on the market.

Super easy to unsnap and pull from belt. Belt loop offers the appearance of simply being a key holder!

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Jack Saps Now Offered in Pink!

by Green Man

Coming to all Green Man Leather Jack Saps products - the new color PINK! I had a brainstorm when looking online to see what else Green Man leather could offer to its female clientele. It occurred to me The colour Pink was a tone I had not worked with other than a belt for my daughter.

So as free option we will now be offering Pink leather on the majority of our impact weapons!

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Win our newest Unnamed Sap!

by Green Man

We are launching our own versions of the historic Smith and Wesson B96 series. I didn't want to make a direct copy instead used them as a guide to create a more efficient modern battle ready sap for civilians and Military in active duty. Generous 4 ply leather, rock solid lock stitch sewn with bonded nylon thread and strap fastened with industrial splash rivets. These saps are made to last! I take my reputation that they are built even better than the originals. We installed a slightly thicker tempered steel spring to allow for better bending during impact as to reset for follow up attack. Slightly thicker leather as well.

I also thought to have some fun here and allow our fabulous regular and new customers a change to name of the "un named sap." In the past when a customer has assisted in creating a product with Green Man Leather they have created a suitable name.

Bring on all your thoughts and win the FREE sap and with your Initials!

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The very best we can make, every time.

by Green Man

I have a local customer named drew. His orders are alway highly detailed and quite specific. He has come over a few times to fine tune his sap orders. After speaking with him I decided to recreate the Smith and Wesson B96 S M And L models. We spend time going back and forth with the patterns and ensuring we came as close as possible to the original design of these historic models. We also added the Green Man touch for superiority in strength and function. Everything seemed to go rather well. We sent in the patterns to out pattern maker to finalize everything. After this we will get cutting dies created and make a couple saps!

New sap products alway take a bit of time to create. There are so many processes involved to ensure what you are making will perform in the field to keep one safe!!

Everything I make is made to order, meaning what you receive was made specially for you!

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New Website, GML Sap Redesign, and more to come in the New Year!

by Green Man

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my blog! I'm so excited to unveil our new website to the world. This new website unveils some new products, an easier way to navigate and a brand new layout! My web designer, Melita Blackburn (email me for her information), kept insisting we take the modern plunge so enjoy!

For my self defense clientele, I'm proud to offer more upgrades to really fine tune your leather aid. I'm offering free black bridle leather upgrades to any model ordered in standard black for the month of November!

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