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Shipping Policy

All orders mailing within North America are sent with a tracking number. The shipping price is currently reflective of this. If you are ordering outside of North America, we welcome your business and will happily ship worldwide as well to APO and P.O boxes. There may be an additional shipping charge. For all orders outside of North America we ship Canada post Economy Air without tracking due to the additional cost. It is available but at your cost. It is your responsibility to ask for this prior to shipment. This will be ascertained upon weighing at the post office. You will be emailed with either a land and air quote. We are not responsible for any duties, taxes or customs fees charged by your government. If you select private courier you are subject to brokerage fee which Green Man Leather is also not responsible for.

Shipping Jack Saps

GML understands each country, state or province has its own policies regarding impact weapons. We ask that you research this prior to ordering. To date all of our Saps still ship around the globe with no issue crossing a border. A jack Sap is also known as a “Leather massage tool.” Hence being declared as so. It is not our responsibility if your Sap is detained at customs.