Testimonials About Green Man Leather
Hi Stephen,
I got the items in the mail today. Firstly, thank you for the very quick turnaround. It kind of made my day to see them in the mail box this morning. Secondly the work is flawless. The stitching is beautiful and I can see it is really strong with the reinforced Pearson 6 stitching and cross stitching or whatever it's called. Both are very nice and will be proud to show them off in my collection. I think you will have a repeat customer for a few more cool items in the future. Not just for the sap items I like a lot of the stuff on you website.

Hi Stephen: The eagle has finally landed... and what a baby! Beautiful work on the Palm Sap and Klout, very nice - no awesome!
Thank you very much. Dan

Stephen! My Gyrene came Friday! I...am...delighted! Absolutely beautiful! The color is gorgeous. I had it out in the sun and it looked almost like it was glowing from within. I wove a paracord lanyard onto the D-ring that works very nicely.

I just received my custom tool roll and Brown Wayfarer Pouch and its better than I expected. Great work, its beautiful. I will definitely be ordering more things in the future.

Hi Stephen: I want to thank you for the beautiful piece of work you did on the Custom Irish Large Paddle flat Sap and the shoulder strap. Although I haven't had the opportunity to use it just yet I have full confidence in its ability to perform its function rather well. Also I haven't had the opportunity to show to any of my associates just yet but rest assured I will as soon as possible.

Hi Stephen-just to confirm safe arrival of package-belt excellent, will wear for "dressy" use- JACK SAP just as ordered, excellent weight just under 12 ozs, nice compact pocket carry-with your "heavy" belt ! Very taken with the leather used, and the flexi strap-many thanks.

Your Jack Saps are a work of art!!!
Regards David Glasgow Scotland

I got the belts 3 hours ago! Great work! Excellent craftsmanship and the color is uniform! I see the men's ones "Bold". I like the brown color for ladies and the small black belts. Thank you so much for your attention.
Warm regards, Brigitte Mexico

True leather craftsman on the watch straps, I am happy that it turn out these way. to tell you the truth, sometimes we are so predictable in life, it gets so usual. This is unusual. This result in something that need to be fix. but the experience stays for the rest of my life. I love the leather so much, I never seen such leather on watch straps before. i am not experience in leather but I do have a few leather straps, they are not like yours. Your leather is alive.... I truly love them all. even my brother said the same thing. its something we can hold on and watch just for a few hours..... Damn it. Very nice leather. The feeling after worn, it confirm to our wrist and it gets so comfy, like it can follow our wrist texture. See you again on the next project. You did nothing wrong on your part.
Grand Turismo

The hand made handles on the fishing rods - with your engraved handles - turned out to be a really big hit with my fishing buddies. We celebrated our re-union on the Saturday night before flying in the next morning passed them out. In fact, half the guys fished with nothing else all week. One of the guys does an annual diary and, you'll be happy to learn, the handles have been immortalized. We caught only 897 pickerel this year. Still, it was a good inauguration for the rods. We had a lot of bad weather and the handles stood up well in spite of being wet a lot of the time. And they handled well at that! Many thanks for a job well done. I will be more than happy to recommend and promote your excellent work.

I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that my brother and new sister-in-law were absolutely blown away by the Leather custom made frame. It took only a few moments once he ripped the paper off to recognize what it was, the look on his face was worth its weight in gold. It was the talk of the town for the remainder of the weekend! Thanks so much for your help and hard work.
Laura, Toronto, Ontario

Now I do not feel so bad with emailing all my specs on how the pouch needed to be constructed. Your attention detail is amazing!! Down to the MM actually! I will be sending more diagrams for you to make another pouch!
Shane, Calgary

All I can say is WOW! Was this ever worth the wait! It is incredibly beautiful and I simply cannot wait to give the Dragon Kilt belt to my father for his birthday! Your work is really stunning and very professional!
Ali Giroux, Ontario, Canada