Wayfarer Bag

3 Sizes Available

Made with top quality, grained leather this wide mouth bag features the finest quality brass hardware with 1 3/4" Latigo leather straps. Particularly suitable for hikers this pouch can contain a book, a map, food for your hike, and is easy to mount on a belt. An attractive feature is its softness to enable bending for easy strides that moves with you rather than swinging stiffly at your side. This bag would also be suitable for cyclists.

Available in 2 different colours – tan/mustard with leather grain, and deep chocolate brown, the leather is conditioned to repel rain and moisture and protect the integrity of the bag.

Custom cut, hand stitched and machine sewn, this original design, can be sized to your specifications. In addition, the bag can be created with a 2nd inner pouch should you need to separate the contents. We also carry a variety of leather. Contact Us for other leather options.

Category: Leather Belts

Large (10"w x 7 3/8"h) $133.00
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Medium (8"w x 6 1/2"h) $95.00
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Small (6 1/2"w x 4 1/2"h) $61.00
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